Nurse Salary

Nurse Salary

Interested in finding out what a typical nurse salary is? Although an individual nurse salary varies tremendously based on the experience of the nurse, the location, and the type of job/unit, the average nurse salary in 2017 was $65,000. For travel nurses, the average salary went up to $85,000. Nurse salaries tend to be higher in states with a higher cost of living, such as California or New York, and lower in states that have a lower cost of living, such as Iowa or Mississippi.

Travel Nurse Salary

A travel nurses' salary is typically higher than other types of nursing jobs. Travel nurses leave their homes and travel to other cities to work at a hospital on a temporary basis. They are experienced nurses and are expected to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive on the unit. The travel nurse salary for a typical 13-week assignment is around $26,000. However, it could be as high as $36,000 per 13-week assignment! If you take 4 assignments in a single year, your total annual travel nursing salary could easily top $100,000. Of course, your pay depends on a lot of factors, like your area of specialty, the location of the assignment, and the urgency of the staffing need. For instance travel nurses working in vacation destinations like Hawaii may have a lower-than-average travel nursing salary, due to the desirability of the area. However the tradeoffs are substantial when you can walk from the hospital door straight to the beach! Traveling with trustaff is one of the best ways to get paid the most for traveling while doing what you love.

Staff Nurse Salary

While many of the day-to-day tasks of a staff nurse are the same as those of a travel nurse, a staff nurse experiences work much differently than a travel nurse. A staff nurse can expect to come to the same hospital with the same coworkers week after week, while a travel nurse knows that their time at their current assignment is only temporary. The way a staff nurse is paid and the amount a staff nurse is paid are also quite different. In general, a staff nurse will be paid every two weeks by the hospital, while a travel nurse will be paid every week by their travel nursing agency. When all is said and done, a staff nurse salary is usually lower than that of a travel nurse, averaging $75,000 per year, however it also comes with the benefit of added stability and on-the-job training.

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