Part Time Nursing Jobs

Part Time Nursing Jobs

Nurses are in high demand, but the hours can be long and burnout is higher than ever. Have you ever considered working as a part time nurse? Working part time, picking up per diem shifts, or even working on a contract basis allows you to use your skills, but also allows you time to live your life. On average, nurses nationwide make about $30/hour. Whether you want to work as a part time nurse or just pick up some extra shifts, trustaff can help by finding jobs that fit your criteria and fit your flexible schedule. Fill out the form below to have one of our seasoned experts find you a part time nursing job.

Travel Nurse Opportunities

Travel nurses have the ability to work part-time but be paid close to what a full-time nurse might earn. On average, a travel nurse makes 30% more than a staff nurse. Most travel nurse assignments last for 3-6 months so you could work for half the year, live for free part of the time, and make 30% more than your counterparts. Many travel nurses enjoy being able to easily take a few months off with no strings attached and quickly jump back in to find another job. Travel nursing offers a ton of flexibility!

Travel Nurse Agencies

There are more than 300 staffing agencies out there, all designed to help travel nurses find assignments. However, less than 10% of these agencies account for more than 60% of industry placements, which means most travel nurse agencies work with less than 100 travel nurses each year and only a limited number of facilities. This means choosing which travel nursing agency you want to work with is an important decision. We recommend doing your research, reading reviews, and if possible, talking to other nurses at those agencies to see how their experience has been.

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trustaff is a premiere, award-winning Travel Nurse Agency that places nurses of all different specialties in top paying assignments across the country. With over 15 years of experience serving nurses and other healthcare professionals, trustaff is ready to find you your next assignment. Find your next assignment today!

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