Registered Nurse Jobs

Registered Nurse Jobs

Nurses are in high demand, and there continue to be more Registered Nurse jobs than there are Registered Nurses! What does this mean for you? As an RN, you have options and flexibility. You don't have to take the first Registered Nurse job that comes knocking at your door. Instead, think through what is most important to you like location, salary, hours, benefits, and growth opportunities. Becoming a travel nurse is one of many options ahead of you-and the best way to ensure you're the highest-paid Registered Nurse on the unit. For over 15 years, trustaff has been helping Registered Nurses find jobs that will be a perfect fit. We have access to hundreds of Registered Nurse jobs in all 50 states at the country's top facilities. Fill out the form below to get started.

Staff Nurse Workplace Politics

Compared to travel nurses, staff nurses often have a higher level of conflict and drama to deal with since they work with the same people every day. They also have to work with the political structure of promotions and raises. However, they get to have deep relationships with the people they work with. Travel nurses are always the new kids on the block and have a harder time making friends since they know they will be leaving soon.

Become a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses make great pay and have flexible options when it comes to their assignments, which typically last for 13-26 weeks. To become a travel nurse, you need a minimum of 1 year in your specialty field (upwards to 3 years of experiences for some specialties), an active RN license, and all of the appropriate education/certifications. Travel nurses are hired by travel nursing agencies, who help match them with the best jobs and manage all their travel details.

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trustaff is an award-winning travel nursing agency that matches nurses of all different specialties with top-paying travel jobs all across the country. With over 18 years of experience serving nurses and other healthcare professionals, trustaff is ready to help you take your career (and your paycheck) to the next level. Talk to a recruiter today!

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