RN Jobs

RN Jobs

Due to increases in the healthcare industry, RN jobs are some of the most in-demand openings in the United States. When considering your next RN job, take a close look at the pay, scheduling, and competitive benefits. Whether you're looking for a staff RN job or a travel RN job, trustaff can help guide the way. As one of the country's leading healthcare staffing companies, trustaff has access to hundreds of RN jobs in all 50 states, including established relationships with premier-level hospitals. We have over 15 years of experience and work with RNs of all specialties. Check out the difference between becoming a staff nurse and a travel nurse to see which one suites your lifestyle goals better.

High Demand Travel Nurse Specialities

The most high demand travel nurse specialties are: ER, MS, ICU, MS/TELE, OR, PACU, L&D, TELE, Cath Lab, PICU, NICU, CVICU, PEDS, Case Management, Post-Partum, CVOR, PCU, SDU, Mother Baby, & Home Health.

Should I consider being a full-time staff nurse?

Being a staff nurse offers different benefits than travel nursing. Some of the advantages to working as a staff nurse include the stability and structure of staying in the same place, forming a deep bond with your coworkers, and becoming intimately involved in the culture at your facility. It's also the best way to gain experience in your field, as travel nurses are expected to already have several years of active experience in their area of specialty.

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What is trustaff?

trustaff is an award-winning travel nursing agency that matches nurses of all different specialties with top-paying travel jobs all across the country. With over 18 years of experience serving nurses and other healthcare professionals, trustaff is ready to help you take your career (and your paycheck) to the next level. Talk to a recruiter today!

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