RN Jobs Near Me

RN Jobs Near Me

RN jobs are in high demand due to the increase in need within the healthcare industry. A job in nursing is more than just a single factor, its several factors including pay, benefits, location, specialty, flexibility, and whether your job has career potential. But have you considering being a Travel RN where instead of looking for nursing jobs near you, you become the nurse needed somewhere else? Check out the different options a Travel RN has to see if it's something you would be interested in.

Travel Nurse Shifts

Travel nurses are typically guaranteed a set number of shifts per week, though there is always the opportunity to pick up more hours. Which shift you will work should be listed on the initial job opening, whether the hospital needs 12 hour night shift coverage, 8 hour day shift coverage, or any other combination. Rotating shifts, though less common than a set schedule of day shifts or night shifts, are sometimes requested by the facility. Since travel nurses are hired to help with staffing shortages, your schedule may change based on what the hospital needs most, or you may be asked to float to different units for certain shifts. A float shift will always be within a related specialty area where you'll feel comfortable providing patient care.

PTO for Travel Nurses

Travel nurses typically don't earn paid time off (PTO) the same way a staff nurse might. Part of the travel nursing lifestyle includes being available any time the hospital might need you. There's not a lot of space in the schedule for call-offs or vacations unless they are planned far in advance. Some travel nursing agencies, like trustaff, offer programs that allow you to accrue PTO and cash it in as needed. However, most travel nurses don't find this lack of traditional PTO too stressful. Due to the temporary nature of their assignments, they can take weeks or even months off in between jobs. In fact, with complete freedom when you're in between travel nursing assignments, you can enjoy as many vacations as you like!

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trustaff is a premiere, award-winning Travel Nurse Agency that places nurses of all different specialties in top paying assignments across the country. With over 15 years of experience serving nurses and other healthcare professionals, trustaff is ready to find you your next assignment. Find your next assignment today!

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