RN Salary In Florida

RN Salary In Florida

The average RN salary in Florida is $64,890. As compared to the national average of $65,000, the RN salary in Florida is quite competitive. In addition to the beach, year-round beautiful weather, and exotic wildlife, Florida is home to approximately 178,000 RNs. As with most states, RN salaries vary within the state depending on years of experience, type of education, specialty, and whether you are willing to travel. Travel nurses on average make 22-35% more each year and have flexible positions and opportunities. Fill out the below form to learn more about the opportunities in Florida and to find more accurate RN salaries in Florida.

Travel Nurse Advantages

Making the decision to take your skills on the road and become a travel nurse comes along with some great benefits. One of the biggest travel nursing advantages is the ability to instantly increase your income. Travel nurses are well paid for their time and experience and typically make as much as 30% more than a staff nurse might make at the same location. Another popular travel nursing advantage is the ability to explore news areas of the country. Maybe you've always wanted to paddleboard in Hawaii, or go dogsledding in Alaska. Travel nursing allows you to spend time in new places while still making a great income and using your professional skills.

Travel Nurse Education Suggestion

Although each hospital will have their own requirements, ultimately hospitals looking for a travel nurse with a solid education in their particular area of care. Travelers are expected to arrive at the hospital and hit the ground running with minimal orientation time. When filling an already stretched schedule, there is rarely time to squeeze in on-the-job training. Most facilities are looking for travel nurses with an education level of at least an ADN. A BSN is becoming more sought after, but is not required for most positions.

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