RN Starting Salary

RN Starting Salary

When considering becoming a nurse, one of the first questions people ask is, 'What will my starting salary be?' The average RN starting salary nationwide is $64,000. However, like most jobs, the RN starting salary varies hugely based on what part of the country you live in and what unit of the hospital you work in. With salaries starting at $50,000-$60,000/year, becoming a nurse is a great career option, and today's healthcare market ensures you'll have tons of job options. trustaff has helped nurses for over 15 years and we can help you too. Fill out the form below to be contacted and placed by one of our seasoned experts. We make the process easy and give you tools and tips to better negotiate a starting salary.

Travel Nurse Bonuses

Travel nurses already receive great pay, on average earning up to 30% more than a staff nurse. However, another great perk are travel nursing bonuses. In addition to their standard paycheck, travel nurses often earn great bonuses for things like completing an assignment, accepting an assignment at a particular facility, or when a hospital is offering a special incentive to get there quickly. Travel nurse bonuses can be quite sizeable depending on the type and are a great way to pad your piggy bank even more.

Travel Nurse Incentives

In addition to making 30% more on average than a staff nurse in the same position, travel nurse incentives include great bonuses, schedule flexibility, tax-free income, and even perks like paid time off. Travel nurses also enjoy your typical employee benefits like major medical coverage, vision and dental insurance, 401k match, and more.

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