Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing

Have you ever thought of giving travel nursing a try? Travel nursing is one of the absolute best ways to get to know exciting parts of the country without a long term commitment. Travel nursing provides great nurses with tons of opportunity to explore and experience things that a traditional job commitment wouldn't allow for, all while being extremely well paid for your care and skills.

Travel Nurse Extras

Travel nurses are compensated in more ways than just a great salary! In addition to the typical employee benefits you would expect at a staff job, like healthcare coverage and 401k contributions, extra incentives to travel include bonuses, free or subsidized housing costs, travel stipends, rental cars, employee discounts, and even earned paid time off programs, although this is rare since travel nurses can already plan time off between their assignments for weeks at a time.

Opportunities for Travel Nursing

Travel nurses have the ability to work part-time throughout the year but still earn a great income. On average, a travel nurse makes 30% more than a staff nurse. This allows them to take time off between assignments for vacations and family time. A typical travel nursing assignment lasts 13-26 weeks, with the flexibility to pursue your own interests in between contracts. With the ongoing shortage of skilled nurses, right now the opportunities for travel nurses are better than ever before!

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trustaff is an award-winning travel nursing agency that matches nurses of all different specialties with top-paying travel jobs all across the country. With over 18 years of experience serving nurses and other healthcare professionals, trustaff is ready to help you take your career (and your paycheck) to the next level. Talk to a recruiter today!

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