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Ingenovis Health ACT Program - July Webinar

Blog/Ingenovis Health ACT Program - July Webinar

August 18, 2023

Join the Ingenovis Health ACT Webinar for Healthcare Professionals featuring Dr. Robin Geiger, SVP Clinician Advocacy, who hosted special guest, Dr. Francine Bono-Neri, Co-Founder and President of Nurses United Against Human Trafficking. Gain invaluable insights into the world of Human Trafficking and discover how you can enhance your preparedness to identify and report potential victims. In this engaging webinar, Dr. Bono-Neri shared her first-hand experiences as a clinician and provided expert guidance on recognizing the signs of human trafficking. Discover the crucial red flags to be vigilant for and understand the significance of trusting your instincts. Are you taking sufficient action to combat human trafficking?

Watch below for the full webinar and expand your knowledge!

Watch the July webinar here

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