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Navigating Your Compliance & Onboarding

Blog/Navigating Your Compliance & Onboarding

August 26, 2022

Compliance — the tedious process between you and your next assignment. As a healthcare professional, you have lots of licenses, certifications, files, etc. that you need to keep organized, and having a general “get ready” process will make it a seamless jump into your future assignments.

While all companies run the compliance process differently, we’ve collected an essential list of tips from a real life Trustaff Compliance Pro™ that will make sure you’re always fully compliant and ready to jump into your next adventure!

Get yourself organized! Create a secure file on your phone/computer that has all of your documents already scanned. This includes a digital copy of your driver’s license, professional certifications, CEUs, bank information, etc. Most facilities also require an annual physical, annual TB test, documentation for Varicella, MMR, and HepB as their basic medical requirements. Every time you get something new, make sure you save a copy to your folder. Having everything in a central location will help you access them quickly when you’re applying to new positions and will ensure you have them at the ready even while you’re on the road or away from home.

Set calendar reminders on your phone to alert you well in advance of any upcoming expirations. Especially right now during Covid-19, it’s taking longer to get medical results, locate and setup certification courses, and renew licensure, so you may need to jump on those renewals sooner rather than later. If one of your documents expires, it will slow down your compliance process and you won’t be allowed to go to work!

Send anything and everything you have to your recruiter as early as possible. This includes things they might not specifically ask for; you never know when you might accept an assignment that needs a NIHSS cert, or a TNCC for example. If your agency has all your documentation on file from the jump, it will make the whole process much easier in the long run, and you won’t get quite so many pesky phone calls.

Be clear & upfront about your schedule during the onboarding period. If you are working every day for the following week, be sure to let your team know so they plan ahead and help find locations for testing with hours that will work for you, or help find a certification course that can accommodate your schedule. 

By doing all of the above, you’ll set yourself up for a much less stressful onboarding process. BUT, on top of all that, be prepared to also complete some sort of facility-specific “learning modules” or online requirements. This is a major shift that we have noticed over the past 10 years, whereas previously it might have been part of an in-person orientation. Most facilities want you to be “fully compliant” prior to showing up in person on your first day–which means they’ll also want any modules or online onboarding to be completed and confirmed before your start date.

Stay calm and trust your onboarding/credentialing team as they help you navigate this process!

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