travel nursing

Have you ever thought of giving travel nursing a try? Travel nursing is one of the absolute best ways to get to know exciting parts of the country without a long term commitment.

Travel nursing jobs typically last around 13 weeks. During that time, you'll work in a specific location on a specific unit. For example, you could do one assignment in Miami, Florida and for your second travel job pick a new location like New York City.

Travel nurse jobs provide great nurses with the opportunity to explore and experience things that a traditional job commitment wouldn't allow for, all while being extremely well paid for your care and skills.

travel nursing jobs

Travel Nurse Extras

Travel nurses are well-compensated in more ways than just a great salary! In addition to the type of employee benefits you would expect at a staff job, like medical insurance and 401k contributions, travel nurses also receive extra incentives like license reimbursement, employee discounts, assistance with housing and travel, and the opportunity to earn great bonuses.

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