For pet lovers, there's no doubt that our furry (and not-so-furry) friends become a part of the family. And for travelers, they become your companion on the road as well!

trustaff is happy to accommodate all our traveler's family members, whether they have two legs or four. If you are planning to travel with a pet, just let us know so we can help you plan accordingly for their care.  

Featured traveler pets

Many of our travelers hit the road with their pets, and we love seeing what they are up to during their adventures!

Share a photo of your best buddy(ies) to become a featured traveler pet. Your photo will join our pet gallery and may be mentioned on our social pages!

Check out our community favorites below—plus a few trustaff home-base pets! (We just can't resist showing off a few friends of our own.)

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Exploring San Francisco!

Shadow is a little guy with a big personality and he loves being on the road!
Shared by Christi, trustaff Traveler

Lady Leila has tons of personality (and style)
Shared by Misty, trustaff Traveler

Shared by Bridgett, trustaff Traveler

With eyes like that, how could you deny Bella anything!
Shared by Chrissy, trustaff Traveler

Toby sticks to his traveler like glue and runs for the truck when it's time for the next adventure!
Shared by Kelley, trustaff Traveler

Snuggles the puggle is a travel trooper, even in the rain!
Shared by Sharon, trustaff Traveler

Zoey is the perfect diva and she only travels in STYLE!
Shared by Iris, trustaff Traveler

Peanut Maxwell loves to cuddle with his traveler!
Shared by Jellique, trustaff Traveler

Shared by James, trustaff Facilities Coordinator

Maphasa loves exploring with his traveler.
Shared by Bernadette, trustaff Traveler

Tonka romps in the snow!
Shared by Heather, trustaff Lead Recruiter

Mannie and Zac in San Antonio

Rayne shows off her swimming skills on a journey through the Land Between the Lakes
Shared by Ebony, trustaff Traveler

Lil' Bit and Shadow out adventuring
Shared by Melissa, trustaff Traveler

Faylinn is a wild motorcycle travelin' mama!
Shared by Dawn, trustaff Traveler

Ellie just turned 2 and has already been on 3 assignments!
Shared by Savannah, trustaff Traveler

Bella is a mischievous Maltipoo!
Shared by LeeAnn, trustaff Traveler

Rylee (upper right) facetimes with his cousin Kirby, sharing all the details about visiting Nashville!
Shared by Sarah, trustaff Traveler

Bella doesn't like walking on hotel floors, and Bailey has visited more states than most humans!
Shared by Casi, trustaff Traveler

Willow is one year old and loves to travel. (Note the arch!)
Shared by Samantha, trustaff Traveler

Oliver and Charlotte love seeing the country go by in their RV!
Shared by Cindy, trustaff Traveler

Gus is as calm as can be!
Shared by Holly, trustaff Traveler

Not all our pets have fur, meet Buddy!
Shared by Nicole, trustaff Admin Assistant

Frolicking in Hampton Beach, NH!


Muffin and Squeakers
Shared by Jennifer, trustaff Traveler

Bella stays cozy in her sweater
Shared by Lora, trustaff Traveler

Peanut (left) and Paddington (right)
Shared by Bridgett, trustaff Traveler

Carter loves to travel and explore new places!
Shared by Julie, trustaff Traveler

Shared by Tim, trustaff Lead Recruiter

Barkley loves to get out and explore each new city!
Shared by Jesus, trustaff Traveler

Axel shows off his wild side
Shared by Kara, trustaff Director of Recruiting

Hank was adopted during his traveler's assignment in Texas.
Shared by Kellie, trustaff Traveler

Harper was the most precious puppy (she's big now!).
Shared by Amy, trustaff Social Media Strategist

Peaches and Bean Burrito are the very best of friends.
Shared by Kelley, trustaff Onboarding Specialist